RHZ Show

Originally having it’s beginnings as a humble acoustic show back in 2011, The Redheaded Zombie Show is a project dedicated to introducing local and indie creators to a new and receptive audience. Every month, we get a group of different musical acts together to play our show. Sometimes that means solo acts, and sometimes we feature full bands, but regardless it’s a chance for us to bring the community together in a creative way — artists and audiences meet. The show is perfect for musicians just entering the scene, giving them a great experience with an easy-going crowd. It is also an excellent way for more popular acts to expand their audiences.

 We’ve branched out recently with a video blog, where we interview local creators and post them to our various sites and pages like Facebook and Tumblr. The project continues to grow and hopefully in time will evolve into adopting a more professional look and feel.

We want everyone to feel welcome no matter what kind of art they create or what genre of music they play. We talk to writers, directors, actors, and essentially anyone who’s got a creative idea to share!


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