LocalFM is a nonprofit organization committed to collecting, playing, and archiving music from the Pikes Peak/Colorado Springs area. Our library consists of over 300 albums as far back as the early 90’s and continued to grow today as we add current albums to the collection.

Our station is purely digital which means you can find it online and even on your phone! We provide this service for free and will play your original tracks at no cost. We’re still working to get our vast collection uploaded to our digital library, but we’re always happy to get new tracks for the station, so don’t hesitate to ask. We play all genres, regardless of your popularity, or recording quality (though it does help to have decent sounding tracks) We do not claim any rights to your songs and do not sell or distribute your music without your permission.

Tune In

Download the “Live365″ app and search for “LocalFM” on your phone to listen anywhere!

Questions, donations, and submissions should be emailed to C.J. or Brian at localfmradio@gmail.com


LocalFM — 1 Comment

  1. Sup Local FM peeps!!
    Just wanted say thanks for keeping the music alive in CO. Springs.
    Very inspiring and keeps me going as a visual artists. Check out good friends of mines band Ice Plant from my home town in Sothern Cali.

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