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Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer

Studio: Bizjack Flemco Productions

Genre: Horror/Comedy  (for mature audiences)

“Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer” is the first feature film by directors Richard Taylor and Zack Beins of Bizjack Flemco Productions!
Atom (Mark Shonsey) is an amazing zombie killer, who has a horny girlfriend (Lindy Starr) and is the best bowler in the league — but don’t tell that to Dario (Zachary Byron Helm) and the Slashers, the evil bowling rivals who will stop at nothing to thwart Atom and his buddies. When all of his problems come to a head, Atom must battle his worst nightmare–ZOMBIES! Let’s ROCK and BOWL in this outrageous horror comedy!


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