About Us

So a very common question we get from people is: What do you guys do?

I’m not always the best with words and I’ve yet to master an explanation, but I’ll try to break this down as simply as I can.

We promote local creative talent. Artists, musicians, or what have you. We use visual media or written material to do this, giving our audience a better understanding of those who perform or create.  We also host a live show every month called “The Redheaded Zombie Show”. We select various artists to play each show. Some are popular and others aren’t, but we try to make sure that everyone has a chance to be heard, whether they’ve been in the music scene for years or they’re just starting out.

Now primarily the music scene is what we focus on, but that’s only because the original idea came from our monthly show. Overall we feel the creative scene is lacking in the Springs. Many talented people go unnoticed because they lack the money, or the connections to book a popular venue or get attention and we don’t think that’s fair to them or you (the audience).

Ideally, our goal is to build a community that accepts all kinds of talent, and in the process gives you a choice. A choice between paying to see the really popular band at the big venue or seeing a local band that’s just as talented for absolutely free at a coffeehouse. A choice between the expensive but insightful book that everyone wants to read or the cheaper, but still beautifully written book by your quiet next door neighbor. You don’t have to sit around because there’s nothing to do or because there’s nothing that suits your interest. There’s something for everyone in this town, and even if going to shows isn’t your thing, we’ll still bring it to you!

So if you or someone you know has a knack for creating art or just has a great idea to share, bring it our way and we’ll listen. We’ll get you on this site, we’ll tell people what you’re all about, and we’ll do it for free! All you have to do is ask…

If that doesn’t explain what we do, or you have deeper questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can reach me for any inquiries at: brainlesshorde@gmail.com



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