Important update!!! Redheaded Zombie Show!

RHZ Aug 30th, 2013

This Friday we’re hosting an “End of the Summer/Back to School” show featuring Agito, RayDio, Chainsaw Weasel, Timmy Vilgiate, and A Bad Night For A Hero! It’s taking place this Friday at 7PM at the very chill Coffee Exchange on 526 S. Tejon. It’s free and all ages so you should definitely be there. On another note I’d like to address the lack of new content on our site. Currently, only two of us are able to update the website and with work and personal events it’s hard to maintain this site regularly. I am trying to make more of an effort, but just to be clear WE ARE STILL HERE! We still host shows, we still promote music, and we are working very hard to expand our business. Our website isn’t quite up to date yet, but you can keep up with us on our facebook page:

We find it’s the quickest and easiest way to update our followers for the time being but that does not mean we are going to continue letting our website fall by the wayside. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we know it’s not entirely professional, so we appreciate your patience. Thanks for sticking with us, guys!

Fundraiser Update

So our fundraiser for the Black Forest Community is taking place at The Coffee Exchange on July 20th and we’ll be selling exclusive prints from Joe Oliver and a compilation cd for charity at the event.
But it doesn’t end there! All through August we’ll be hosting various shows around town and we’ll continue raising donations for those affected by the fires. If you would like to help, feel free to contact us here or at our email:


Black Forest Charity Event – Compilation CD

So if you haven’t heard we’ll be hosting an RHZ fundraiser to help victims of the recent fires. We’re gathering musical acts and artists for this event and currently working out a proper venue to host the event. We’ve got a lot of musical acts interested in performing at our fundraiser, but chances are we won’t be able to get everyone on stage. So I’d like to create a compilation cd of local artists that we can sell for donations at the event. So if you’d like to be on it and don’t mind having your music sold for charity, hit us up. Send us an email with your name, name of your musical act, single track, and permission to use it for the charity cd. Thanks, a lot guys! -CJ

Knight in Colors EP Release

06.06.13 @ The Black Sheep

Knight in Colors tells us a little bit about their new ep “4th of July”, before their performance at The Black Sheep.

Click here to listen and/or buy “4th of July”!

and for more Knight in Colors click here

RHZ Presents: Schwervon!

Check out our touring guests from this weekend’s show, Schwervon! We were honored to host the final show on their tour and they were certainly a treat to enjoy! If you missed out you can watch the video below and for more of their music check out their bandcamp here

For more music from this weekend’s show or local music in general, check out our Youtube channel

So Last Sunday…


My friends from Hydrogen Skyline called in a favor and asked me to sell merch for Civil Twilight during their charity show at the Pikes Peak Center last night. Also playing was the local band Claymore Disco and Australian gents, Atlas Genius. It was a lot of fun meeting super excited fans of these great bands and the local music scene, I passed out as many RHZ cards as I could while I was selling out of Civil Twilight merch, it was incredible! So the cherry on top was after the show I got to go backstage…and I got a chance to interview Atlas Genius (here) and Richard and Andrew from Civil Twilight! I was super nervous and came up with all my questions on the spot but hopefully I did an alright job. So I’ll be sharing those soon, but I wanted to thank Hydrogen Skyline for including me in their project and I had a lot of laughs with everyone at the merch table with me.

Redheaded Cyborg Zombie Show! 3-15-13

Come to Gold Hill Java (332 N. Tehon St., Colorado Springs) this Friday for a spectacular show featuring Timmy Vilgiate, AGITO, Zus, A Bad Night for a Hero, and Aaaronn! The show is completely FREE, and will consist entirely of electronic/dance music. It took us 39 hours to create a cyborg zombie just for this show, which should be enough to obligate your attendance. The show is scheduled from 5-9 pm, but very well may blaze onto the streets and into the next meridian.

cyborg show