Voting has officially ended!

After 313 votes, the survey has closed. We’re going over the results this week and the winners will be announced live at the RHZ Awards on January 31st! You can buy $3 Presale tickets by contacting me, members of the RHZ Crew, the bands that are performing, or contacting Sunshine Studios. Tickets at the door will be $5. With 5 amazing bands and 13 talented artists featured during the show, this is looking to be one of the biggest shows we’ve ever done. If you’re looking to get involved with Colorado’s music and art community, here is a fantastic chance to get out and see what’s going on in our city. Come out as a fan, a friend, or even just to network. This show isn’t just for the people who perform and create, this is for everyone in this city, this STATE, who has a dream to follow!


Kickstarter Successfully Funded!!!

Well it’s official, ladies and gentlemen…
Our Kickstarter campaign to fund the 2014 RHZ Awards is successfully complete!!!
Thanks to everyone who donated, we’ve raised $1,323, and we’re going to use this money to make the RHZ Awards the best show we’ve ever done! I’ve got a lot of personal thanks to give, and within the next few weeks we’ll be doing our best to give our backers some very cool rewards!
Thanks again, guys! Your support means everything to us!

RHZ Awards/Kickstarter Update!

I’m very pleased to announce that we reached our $1000 goal last week, thanks to some very charitable donations! All of us here at RHZ Productions were pleasantly surprised by this, especially a month ahead of our deadline. But never fear! If you’d still like be a part of this event, there’s still plenty of time to donate and reserve your own exclusive RHZ merch, including tickets to the Awards Show! If we can raise enough money we’re hoping to provide food and drink for everyone who attends, but we need donations to make that happen.

So far on our guest list for the RHZ Awards we have: Ryan Davis, Joe Oliver, and Lair of Wonders Productions setting up tables and you can expect performances from: Knight in Colors, Passing Out On Porches, Still Catchin Wreck, Joe Johnson, and A Bad Night For A Hero! We’re also being spnsored by Escape Velocity Comics!

So keep your eyes peeled for new artists and sponsors, and don’t forget you can submit your own art and music for the RHZ Awards! Just follow the links below…


Art Nominees:

Music Nominees:


RHZ Kickstarter

Check it out! We have just launched our Kickstarter today and already made it halfway to our goal! Once we are funded we’ll be able to provide new merchandise and make sure that the 2014 Awards are absolutely amazing! If you’d like to donate or support the cause check out our Kickstarter page and share with your friends. Even if sharing is the most you can do to help, we’d still appreciate it and your support goes a long way.

P.S. This video filmed by our good friend Bunny Williams from Undead Cow Productions!

RHZ Awards – Submissions Are Open!

Alright ladies and gents! It’s that time of year again, which means we’re ramping up for the 2014 RHZ Awards by rounding up the best art and music in Colorado that 2013 has to offer! It’s free to enter and everyone who does will become a featured nominee on our website! The winners will be chosen by votes cast by the citizens of Colorado, and if you do win, you’re work will be showcased at our Live RHZ Awards at Sunshine Studios on January 31st! So if you’re interested check out our rules and entry form on our Submissions page!

This year the categories have changed up a bit to make voting a bit more balanced. You can choose which category you’d like to be nominated in and send us your entry for it. Don’t wait too long though, submissions close on January 1, 2014. So if you’ve got original content you’d like to share with the people of Colorado (and possibly the world) send us your best work of 2013!

The Categories:

Art: Best B&W Piece, Best Colored Piece, Best Painting, Best Photograph, Best Zombie

Music: Best Single, Best EP, Best Album, Best Music Video, Best Live Performance