The Nominees (Musicians)

Submissions are now open until December 31st!
Follow the link for rules and entry form!

Once we’ve received your entry we will post it on this page along with the rest of the nominees. We will also post to our Tumblr as well!

 Nominees for Best Single

Dreamghost/Miette Hope – How To Let Go


RagnellDanny Lost A Bet


Robbi D - Laugh It Off


Ryan FloresLa Curandera



Timmy VilgiateHeart Still Beating



Valentina/little.big.bang – Purify

The Youthful Nothings – I Wanna Go To Casey’s


Nominees for Best EP

No Stone UnturnedOnly Humans…






Nominees for Best Album

Animus Invidious/St Bernard - 8.1 Bit
8.1 bit






The Epic WeathermanFreezePop






Lyfe – Inanimate Feelings








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