Next Show: August 30th @ Urban Steam


This month, come and join us at Urban Steam Coffee Bar and Cafe for a night of punk, rock, and hip hop! We’ll be featuring your favorite pop/punk act Passing Out On Porches along with Tommy Rat’s Sideshow, and we’ll be introducing D Talkz and Liddle Rob from Project4Denial Records!
As usual this is an all-ages show and a $5 donation will get you a raffle ticket for a chance to win gift certificates and other cool prizes! Don’t miss it!

Flier Soon!


Next Show: August 30th @ Urban Steam — 2 Comments

    • Hey Mike, you can purchase tickets from me (C.J. Hackett) at Escape Velocity Comics downtown, or buy them at Sunshine Studios Live on 3970 Clearview Frontage Rd. or we might be able to ship them to you if you’d like us to.

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